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Where Can I Find An Emergency 91436 Dentist?

Dental emergencies can arise for a variety of reasons, from an injury to the oral facial area, an acute flare up of a longstanding problem or the sudden onset of seemingly inexplicable pain. In these instances urgent dental care can provide you relief and help you avoid negative consequences to your oral health. Whatever the underlying cause of your dental emergency, the 91436 dentist office of Dr. Philip Razad is ready to help.

91436 Dentist

While the pain of a toothache is one of the most common reasons that patients come to seek a 91436 dentist for urgent dental care, we also treat emergencies such as chipped or fractured teeth, a dental abscess, impacted teeth, loose or broken fillings, crowns that have been dislodged as well as broken dentures.

No matter the reason for your dental emergency, contact our office immediately for care. We will make every effort to see you as promptly as possible. At the Encino dental office of Dr. Philip Farzad DDS we offer an expansive range of advanced general, family, and cosmetic dental services for you and your loved ones. From state-of-the-art preventive and emergency dental care to high quality restorative and cosmetic treatments, our office is fully equipped to address any emergency you or your family may face.

Oftentimes a dental injury can cause the vital tissue deep inside your tooth to become irreversibly damaged. This can be addressed with a routine procedure known as root canal therapy. Dr. Farzad is highly experienced in performing root canal therapy and can help alleviate your pain and prevent further issues from occurring. Following treatment, a restorative filling or dental crown can be placed to restore the structural integrity of the tooth.

If you have sustained a dental injury, or are experiencing oral pain of any kind, your emergency 91436 dentist is here for you. From the highest quality endodontic and restorative care, to the treatment of cavities and toothaches, you’ll be in the very best of hands at 91436 dentist office of Dr. Philip Razad. To schedule a visit, call now.


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